The 7 Dragon Balls – Dragon Ball Green & Golden Shenron 7 Crystal Balls Shelf Figure Set Review – 2018

Shenron or Dragon God, the magnificent Dragon of Earth and his power is a massive effort for anyone. It’s the reason of different battles of capturing the Dragon balls to mobilize this effective Animal and having a game-changing wish.

You are not a Super Saiyan or best warrior, can make a planet vanish with just a single strike – Not a problem, the stunning Shenron and also his magnetic ember-colored Dragon Balls still can be your own, by having our distinct figure set.

This number will lift your personal Dragon Ball collection. entire next degree of awesomeness. Or just how about try your creative thinking to see just what can you do with it?


Dragon measurements: 15.5 cm/ 6.1 inches
7PCs Dragon ball: 4 centimeters/ 1.5 inch
Rack high: 4 centimeters/ 1.5 inch
Opening diameter 3.5 cm/ 1.3 inch
Product: PVC
Colors: Golden/ Eco-friendly
Bundle: Packed in Box
Age Range: 6 Years Old Up


One-of-a-kind Design – Bring your collection to a whole next level of awesomeness.
Design – It’s amazing when having Shenron on your workdesk or the publications rack, isn’t it? Additionally readily available with Golden/ Environment-friendly color.
Toughness – Premium PVC as the product will stall also obtained hit by Kamehameha.
Shipping – We do delivering Worldwide, Assured by Shenron’s power.


Shenron (神龍; means “Divine Dragon” or “God Dragon”) is a wonderful dragon from the manga Dragon Ball, along with the animes Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, as well as Dragon Ball GT.

This kind-hearted yet additionally hostile Dragon has the appearance fairly near the mythical dragon in Chinese society with brownish antlers, sharp teeth, environment-friendly flaky skin and a lengthy serpentine body. Shenron is claimed to live in the intense facility of the Earth, whenever he is called he will get here to grant one desire before returning to his fiery the home of sleep up until he is called once more

Exactly what will be your dream with him?

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The 7 Dragon Balls

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